blue furniture

1. Magic Dryer Sheets

woman holding dryer sheet

Those used up dryer sheets are the gift that keeps on giving. Use them like “Magic Erasers” to buff out water spots on mirrors, glass, and fixtures.

2. Lemon-y Fresh Disposal

lauren mackie lemons

Regardless of how you try to avoid it, sinks stink. Run a few slices of fresh lemon through your disposal. Your nostrils will thank you.

3. Don’t forget your air vents

vent in home with wood floor

Air vents are everyone’s dirty little secret. For a quick cleaning, wrap a wet rag around a butter knife and go to town!

4. Bring back the “Stainless” to your Steel

stainless steel kitchen

Let your stainless steel exemplify its namesake with a microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol.

5. Freshen up Couch

yellow couch

No shame here. Couches don’t always smell great. Sprinkle some baking soda and wait 20 minutes. Vacuum the baking soda up and lounge in freshness.

6. Like-New Microwave

microwave in kitchen next to door

Your microwave feeds you. It deserves a good cleaning. Put a solution of equal parts water and vinegar with a toothpick (to prevent boiling) in a bowl and cook for 10 minutes. Wait for a few more for it to cool down, and an easy wipe down is all that you need to enjoy a beautiful nuke-er.

7. Clean Sponges

assorted colored sponges

A dirty sponge just spreads germs. Kill those suckers by tossing a wet sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes. 99% germ-free afterward according to The Journal for Environmental Health

8. Bathroom Exhaust Fan Refresher

bathroom with pink curtains

Grab some canned air and blast away that ugly dust building up where you take care of business.

9. Say “No” to Hairy Carpet

dog on carpet

Get rid of the family pet’s hairy gift to the world. Squeegee the carpet to get rid of impossible pet hair.

10. Bye-bye Paint Spots

daniel cheung storm tropper with canvas and paint

Oops! Paint mistakes happen. Wipe away latex paint messes with a face or baby wipe.

11. Erase Coffee Stains

coffee mug newspaper and glass with water in desk

Baking soda is the enemy of the most stubborn coffee stains/rings.

12. “Like-New” your Lamp Shades

floor lamp

Lamp shade cleaning is often overlooked. Grab a lint roller and have some fun. Simple, yet effective.

13. No More Oil-Stained Garages

clean garage

We drink it, but it can do a number on those oil-stains. Pour some Coca-Cola and watch yourself potentially lose your desire for soda.

14. Take That, Crusty Oven

modern kitchen oven

In a COMPLETELY cold oven, put a 1/2 cup of ammonia in a bowl and let it sit over night. The next morning, just wipe down for an unbelievably clean baking experience.

15. Clean What Cleans you

shower head sprinkling water

Attack that shower head soap scum with distilled white vinegar in a plastic bag. Fit the bag over the shower head and secure with a rubber band. Let it soak for an hour and wipe off the shower head.

16. Squeaky Clean Cabinets

modern kitchen cabinets

Degunkify your cabinets and crevices with a toothbrush. Mix vegetable oil and baking soda and go to town!

17. Fix Leather Scratches

black leather couch

Find a matching shoe polish for your leather couch and rub it into scratches.

18. Super Clean Bathtub

bathtub with running faucet

Clean off those bathtub rings by rubbing them with a salted half grapefruit.

19. Smelly Fridge Cure

fridge with smiley toy

Got a smell in your fridge you just can’t seem to kill? Toss in a newspaper to absorb the smell.

20. Keep Your Toilet Brush Clean

toilet bowl brush

Keep a little cleaning product at the bottom of your toilet brush receptacle.

Enjoy. You are now an official cleaning hacker.