Keeping Yourself Healthy is as Simple as Staying Clean

There’s one sure way to prevent infection and protect the ones you love – Cleanliness

With so much public health hysteria, it can be easy to get lost in the mass panic.

But staying healthy is as simple as staying clean, and cleaning is what Epiclean does best.

This season is an especially important time for Spring cleaning in Miami, an international hotspot, but it’s more than just about keeping up with The Magic City’s reputation.  Experts agree the most effective way of remaining safe from any illness is good hygiene – washing hands, covering mouths when sneezing or coughing, etc. – but it goes beyond that.  This quarterly cleaning is more than just about maintaining a tidy aesthetic at home, work, or in public places, it’s about the preemptive measures you can take to prevent those close to you from getting sick.

Commercial Cleaning to Prevent Illness

Florida is officially under public health advisement, closing schools along with canceling events, and businesses are noticing, too. Overzealous owners are shutting up shop, disrupting daily life for clients and employees, but commercial cleaning can help maintain the flow of normalcy by keeping germ-free Miami business environments.

Epiclean’s bio-friendly cleaning methods are safe for customers with sensitive skin and any type of furniture or product, but most importantly, they efficiently sanitize commercial property in Miami. The reality of things is that people still need to attend work, purchase goods, keep the economy rolling, so it’s wise to disinfect Miami businesses to ensure these locations are safe for clients and employees.

Considering that, remember how much foot traffic can come through your doors. It’s critical for you, your clients, and your business to be cautious. Let Epiclean’s Miami business decontamination allow your interests to resume life as normal.

Residential Cleaning to Prevent Illness

Sanitation and cleanliness seem to be the strongest weapons to guard your family against any infirmity regardless of what story the news is reporting today. So residential cleaning becomes part of the frontline defense to keep your home and those you love less likely to get affected.

Miami home decontamination is a daily thing for Epiclean, assisting people across the city keep their homes not just organized but disinfected, too. Families with children and elderly members are said to be at particular risk from infections. However, professional home sanitization in Miami genuinely makes a huge difference in keeping domestic life in good physical shape when

Residential property sanitization in Miami can make a huge difference in how those under your roof live and feel.  Because you care, schedule your visit with Epiclean today.

Epiclean Professional Cleaning is a family-owned residential and commercial janitorial business based out Cutler Bay, South Florida. Servicing Miami-Dade and Broward with windows, pressure washing, post-construction, quarterly, turnover, etc., our scheduled clean-up comes daily, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, whatever fits your schedule.

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