Outdoor Fall Cleaning Checklist for Businesses and Homes

Epiclean’s outdoor cleaning plan for the Fall gets your commercial or residential space prepped for Winter hibernation

Fall cleaning is synonymous with Spring cleaning when it comes to indoor duties, but the outside is a different story.  After a long Miami summer – with its never-ending sun-showers that leave the day cloaked in moisture – and with vegetation beginning to change, the outside of your property starts to show a little wear.

Thankfully, Epiclean has outdoor Fall cleaning in Miami down to a science.

With the holiday season around the corner and things cooling down, the time to do a little tidying up for curb appeal outside your home or business perfect.  The brisk, breezy days are easier to enjoy without mildew stains on the concrete and walls or gutters filled with trash.

Check out Epiclean’s Miami outdoor cleaning tips and services.

Windows – because nothing dazzles like sparkling glass

After all the rain that’s poured on your exterior all summer finally calms down is probably when you notice that water isn’t so see-through when it dries.  That’s why Epiclean’s professional window cleaning is the first thing we recommend to all our clients.

Window cleaning must be done on a regular basis but it’s especially critical after the rainy season and that’s especially when they require the proper methods.  Our technique uses eco-friendly purified water to keep the property safe – not toxic detergents that will harm the landscape – as we reclaim the glasses full luster.  Epiclean’s water-fed pole also eliminates the need for ladders on high windows, keeping everyone safe with outstanding attention to detail.

Sidewalk and exterior walls

Let’s face it – mold is the worst enemy of any property.  Residential and commercial cleaning MUST include taking care of this problem.  Ignoring it will cost you financially and possibly physically.

The critical importance of this task is one of the reasons Epiclean’s professional pressure washing is such an important part of our Miami Fall outdoor cleaning checklist.

Pressure cleaning saves exterior paint and can raise your property value for pennies on the dollar.  It will also ensure that mold is eradicated outside of the home before it infiltrates your property and becomes a serious health hazard.

Gutters and weather stripping

Just because we don’t experience Fall like the rest of the country doesn’t mean the rain gutters in your home or business aren’t filthy.

Gutter cleaning in Miami is something Epiclean knows is essential now and once again in the Spring.  This really depends on how many large trees surround the building but is one of those things that’s ignored because it’s out of sight, allowing them to gather muck.  This then stains the exterior walls with mildew.

Another thing to clean is weather stripping.  Debris can find its way into these hard to reach areas and cause damage that is hard to fix and expensive.  It’s best to just prevent it with some quarterly cleaning.

Do you have any Miami Fall cleaning tips?

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