Pressure Washing in Miami Saves the Paint on Your Building

Interested in saving money on paint and raising your land value? Try power washing commercial property or homes
South Florida’s lovely tropical climate brings many perks, however, the regular need for a pressure cleaner rental in Miami is not one of them. Humidity causes mold, discoloration, and the eventual deterioration of a surface. This ends up causing property damage that is costly and unsightly.
That’s why EpiClean’s expert pressure washing residential and commercial cleaning services is a local favorite in the “305.” Miami housekeeping is an art form and this is just one of our many talents. Let us show you our virtuosity.

New paint job? Na, just professional soft washing from EpicleanSoft washing exterior surfaces and windows can be much more feasible for aesthetic purposes than re-painting a home or replacing window glass. Some South Florida homes have paint jobs that appear to need work, but an Epiclean visit often reveals that a layer of mold, calcium, lime, or rust is what’s really causing the problem.

And even if your home does need new paint or you simply want to revamp an outdated color, you’ll be throwing money away without first pressure washing to remove the layers of mold that will prevent the pigments from taking hold.
Why is my paint peeling?
At times, a crack in a surface façade can allow moisture to creep inside. This leads to all sorts of water-related issues – one of which being deterioration that will start cracking your paint at its foundation.
Cracks spread, allow more water in, and – before you know it – a giant patch of paint is peeling off

your home of building. What could have been basic preventative care has now become a major project.
This is a common problem that can be easy to overlook and could have been sidestepped with a regular pressure wash.
“Don’t try this at home”
Well, you can – but we don’t recommend it. Here’s why.
They don’t call us pro’s for nothing.Certain jobs do require precision, experience, proficiency, and more or they can be dangerous, costing in different ways. A pressure washer can rip a chunk off your building… or possibly you.

Some places may require a ladder that gets wobbly, especially when you have a pressure hose in your hand. A little imagination goes far here – no need to be fatalistic – so why not just let Epiclean’s professional home cleaners do what we do best.

You just sit back, relax, and enjoy your property’s minor make-over.

Epiclean Professional Cleaning is a family-owned residential and commercial business based out Cutler Bay, South Florida. Servicing Miami-Dade and Broward with windows, pressure washing, post-construction, quarterly, turnover, etc., our scheduled clean-up comes daily, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, whatever fits your schedule.
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