3 Things Every Realtor Should Know When Booking A Cleaning Service

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You Are Great At Selling A Home And Unlocking Its Potential To Buyers. But, Let’s Face It: It Can Be Hard For Buyers To Look Past Filth, Grime, Or Even Dirt When Looking For A New Home. When Preparing To Sell A Home, You Want To Give Yourself The Best Shot At Success. We’ve All Fantasized About Opening The Door To A House And Saying “This Is The One.” Make It Even Easier To Facilitate That Moment To Prospective Buyers.

A Proper Cleaning Is A Big Part Of A Buyer’s “Falling-In-Love” Experience. Here Are The Top Three Things Crucial To Ensuring You Can Get Your Empty House Ready To Look Top Notch; A Realtor’s “No Brainers” List, If You Will.

1.  Access to power

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It’s Easy To Over Look The Obvious, But Without Power, Your Cleaners Are Going To Have A Rough Go Of Making Sure Your Empty House Is Spick And Span. It’s Hard To Get Bright Lighting To See The Details Of What You Clean, And A Vacuum Can’t Do Much Without Electricity. (Alternatively, If Power Is Not Available, Contact Your Cleaning Company. A Few Flood Lamps And A Generator Can Go A Long Way!)

2. Don’t forget about water!

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Another Seemingly Obvious Need Is Running Water. You Need Some Warm Clean Water To Get Those Kitchen Floors Sparkling. You Need The Ability To Flush To Clean A Toilet. You Need A Good Amount Of Water To Get That Soap Grime Off To Show How Great The Shower And Tub Are! (Necessity Breeds Creativity: If You Are Unable To Get Water, Talk To Your Cleaning Company. They Just Might Be Able To Work Something Out!)

Being Prepared Can Save You Time And Money, If You Aren’t Sure If The Power Or Water Are Hooked Up, Contact Your Home Owner Or Local Utility Company. It’s Easier To Be Prepared Than To Be In A State Of Last-Minute-Panic From Finding Out The Hard Way.

3. Timing is everything 

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It’s Been Said That Time Is A Construct Of Human Imagination (Does Your Head Hurt Yet)? – Either Way, You Have An Opportunity To Make Time Your Enemy — Or Master It. Without Proper Coordination, You Could End Up With A Contractor Coming In After Your Cleaners Are Done. Nobody Wants To Pay Twice For The Same Service. Make Sure You Connect Up With The Homeowner To Ensure There Isn’t Any Work Scheduled After Your Cleaners Make The Place Look Perfect.

Clean Is Green. It May Sound Cheesy, But It’s The Truth. Many Prospective Buyers Cannot See A Beautiful House Without A Recent Top-Notch Cleaning. You Wouldn’t Go To A Job Interview Without Cleaning Up. Make Sure Your Home Is Prepped To “Interview” With A Buyer. An Efficient And Prepared Cleaning Service Scheduled At The Right Time Can Make A World Of A Difference For Your Buyer (And Wallet). Now Get Out There And Make Some Green!

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