Here Is A Detailed List Of What We Offer:

1. Clean & disinfect toilets, tubs and showers

2. Clean & organize the counters

3. Clean bathtub, sinks, and lamps on top

4. Clean & disinfect bathroom floors

5. Change toilet paper and garbage bags

6. Clean and polish kitchen cabinets

7. Clean toaster

8. Clean coffee maker

9. Clean & disinfect kitchen sinks

10. Change trash bags everywhere

11. Vacuum, clean & disinfect kitchen floors

12. Load dishwasher (if empty)

13. Clean inside microwave

14. Clean window and wall behind sink

15. Clean marks on the glass doors (inside)

16. Vacuum stairs

17. Vacuum rugs and carpets

18. Remove spots on the mirrors & rugs

19. Vacuum hardwood floors

20. Special treatment for hardwood floors

21. Vacuum under sofas and cushions

22. Remove cobwebs and dust bunnies

23. Dust, clean and polish furniture

24. Dust sills and ledges

25. Organize papers on desktops

26. Clean patio and door window

27. Clean baseboards

28. Clean fans, lamps

29. Clean pictures on the wall

30. Clean TVs and computer screens

Professional cleaners team working at living room

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