The Magic of Pressure Washing

The benefits of pressure washing range from economical to health – and Epiclean Cleaning in Miami can help you reap all of them.


One moment surfaces are filthy – mold, muck, and grime clinging to every square inch, destroying aesthetics.

Then, voilà! Your home or business is like new. 

Not only does pressure cleaning make your place sparkle again, but it also reduces allergies while minimizing hazard.

Check out some of the ways Epiclean’s professional pressure washing can give your property a much-needed renovation. 

A fresh paint job – minus the paint

You’ve probably looked at a friend’s place and thought to yourself, “Wow, that new paint job must’ve been a fortune,” only to find out it cost a fraction of what you’d anticipated.  And they didn’t use paint.

Sometimes a good cleaning is all you need to bring back the shine.  See for yourself. Just type “pressure wash before after” into your browser and you’ll be stunned by the images (some creative cleaners have even “painted” murals using the washer as a spray gun).  Properties are unrecognizable, giving the impression a new edifice was erected with the power of water in a day.

The results are stunning, making your business more inviting and adding value to your property for pennies on the dollar virtually overnight.  This doesn’t just work on paint, but also rooftops, giving the impression of freshly laid tiles on years’ worth of filth.

Even if your goal is to completely revamp your building with a new color, you’ll still need to prime the surface for painting by removing any residue on the façade with a pressure washer to ensure the coat stays. 

Increased safety

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much you care for your property, the elements take their toll.  Rain forms mold and mildew that discolor exteriors in a way that makes them not only unappealing but dangerous as well.

These growths accumulate over time and create safety concerns.  As build-up grows, so does the likelihood someone will slip and fall on the slimy surfaces, causing a misfortune that could have been avoided.  Expensive hospital bills and lawsuits that can close your business’s doors may follow.

Grimy substances cause biological hazards, too.  Fungus, allergens, and other microbes thrive in these environments creating the perfect breeding ground for illness.  The ramifications of the possible dangers range from missing a few days of work to potentially life-altering central nervous system disorders such as fibromyalgia – or worse.

But leave it to the pros…

With all these things in mind, it’s tempting to take matters into your own hands.  


Regardless of whether safety or money are your key concerns, renting a pressure cleaner from your local hardware store and doing the job yourself is enticing, but it’s also unwise.  Unless you’re experienced or with a seasoned professional, you risk damaging something or maybe hurting yourself.

Pressure cleaners are powerful machines that – if misused – will destroy property on various levels.  Chipped paint, cracked exteriors, broken glass, etc., the list of ways you can devalue something while trying to add worth and save money is thick.

And then there are the physical concerns.  Not only is it possible to lacerate yourself with the pressure, but you may literally blast your eye out.  It hits on multiple levels: You could fall off the roof, catch some life-threatening infection inhaling airborne pathogens that arise during the cleaning, a combination of the two… 

The possibilities are endless and possibly fatal.

What are you waiting for?

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