Why Epiclean’s Professional Window Cleaning is the Best Choice

Water-fed poles have made professional window cleaning smarter, greener, and more economical

Windows are a structure’s gateway to the world – protecting from the elements while permitting you to enjoy the outside world.  So, keeping them clean is typically at the top of most chore lists, but doing it right is a whole other matter.  People spend hours researching the safest window cleaner or best window cleaning solution, wasting time and money to get eco-friendly supplies that still leave streaks.

Epiclean knows how frustrating professional window washing in Miami can be for anyone not properly equipped because we hear about it all the time.  Families annoyed over household tasks not up to par or commercial spaces scaring away business because of dust, cobwebs, and wasp nests are things we encounter every day.  But knowing what to use as well as how to use it safely are not things you can simply Google, expecting pro window cleaning results.

So, why hire Epiclean’s experts to wash your windows?

The thing is; we get it.  In today’s DIY world with everyone online claiming they can teach you how to do anything, glass care becomes something we think our kids can do.  And they probably can – to a degree.

But what makes Epiclean one of the best window cleaning services in Miami?

We use water-fed poles, a soap-less method of cleaning windows that purifies tap-water through a filtration system out to a telescopic pole able to reach high areas with a soft brush at the end which is used to gently eliminate marks. The pure water attracts dirt on an ionic level and lifts it, with no need for soap or any hazardous chemicals that are bad for you and the environment, while the brush lightly agitates the glass to break down dirt, leaving your windows streak-free.

Water fed pole technology also makes ladders, lifts, scaffolding, and other potentially dangerous equipment, obsolete thanks to telescopic capabilities.  Potential accidents are reduced exponentially because cleaners are working safely on the ground saving you or a loved one from a potentially catastrophic accident.

In the end, Epiclean’s residential and commercial window cleaning is safer on multiple levels while also being more affordable and convenient.

When would it be best to have Epiclean do a commercial or residential window cleaning?

Obviously, any time windows are dirty is a good time to call the Epiclean pros.  But there is definitely a time when the task is more important than others.

For example, a seasonal window washing is always wise when doing quarterly cleaning, as it revitalizes your home and assists energy-efficiency.  Dirty windows also lose their functionality and face long-term critical damage quicker, making the feel of the seasons more noticeable indoors

Another good time to get professional window cleaning is when selling or having a turnover of property.  A nice place always commands a higher property value and something like having a pro window washing can bring in some serious return on the investment.  This is a great cleaning tip for realtors, too.

Also, when requesting other services, why not get the windows professionally cleaned? If you have Epiclean coming by to power wash the roof or handle some other services, you might as well knock out as many birds with one stone as you can.

And let’s not forget post-construction window cleaning.  Painting, demolition, remodeling, all can leave unsightly marks on windows which really chip away at any effort you put forward to enhance a property.

Epiclean Professional Cleaning is a family-owned residential and commercial cleaning company based in Miami.  Servicing Miami-Dade and Broward with windows, pressure washing, post-construction, quarterly, turnover, etc., our scheduled clean-up comes daily, every other day, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, whatever fits your schedule.

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